Apple could be developing a new, cheaper version of its wireless earbuds that will help it keep up with competitors, if the rumour mill is anything to go by.

It’s thought that Apple are concerned that there will be a drop in demand for its third generation AirPods in 2023.
Only minimal details have been shared so far from insiders, and Apple themselves have yet to comment, but it is expected that the cheaper earbuds would be priced somewhere below the £107 (current 2nd gen retail price).

A new low-distortion audio driver and custom amplifier offer richer bass and crystal-clear sound, while a new extra small ear tip delivers an even better fit.


There is also no information about what the earbuds will look like or what features they’ll have just yet – but they almost certainly won’t have active noise cancellation as this is reserved for the high-end AirPod Pro model.

With such competitive prices and products coming out from other market leaders and pretty good imitation AirPods out there we think Apple really needed up their game and appeal to a wider budget range. 

The new AirPods Pro bring major upgrades to Transparency mode, Spatial Audio, and customer-loved convenience features, while cancelling up to twice as much noise over their predecessor.

The latest rumour has ‘conveniently’ dropped just before the start of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this Thursday. Apple are notoriously M.I.A from this event as with other big tech shows, preferring to hold their own events, so we can’t help but think this little nugget was leaked at just the right time for a bit of publicity! 

We’ll be keeping an eye on all the latest news from the CES event and any announcements from attendees such as Amazon, Meta and Samsung (to name a few). 

Stay tuned for more…