So you’ve taken the leap to start your own venture…firstly a huge congratulations as we know all too well it’s easy having a great idea but having the courage to commit to it and get it off the ground is the first big hurdle.

Knowing what to do with your idea and in what order is something a lot of clients struggle with when first coming to us so we thought we would summarise the things for you to consider in this blog and hopefully guide you in realising your vision.

Step 1. The company / brand / business 

The first step is to come up with a name (get creative but remember it should be memorable and not too hard for customers to search for). Search both Google and the Companies House register to make sure somebody else hasn’t got there first! Once you’ve decided on the name, get it registered. To get ahead of the game it’s a good idea to get all your social channel accounts created and ready early on (try to be consistent with your username across all platforms for consistency).

Step 2. The nitty gritty

Ok, so this bit isn’t the most exciting but these are all must-do’s.

Set up any bank accounts etc you may need, draw up contracts and stakeholder agreements so all parties know where they stand, register the IP (intellectual property) / trademarks etc, register for VAT if needed at this stage.

Step 3. Documentation 

To really set out your stall early on and give you some direction here’s a list of the various documents and strategies that will help. particularly if you want to get your idea in front of investors;

 Create a business plan – Your agenda, executive summary, mission statement, industry overview, demographic chart, your services, growth strategy

 Create a pitch deck – Product overview, problems and solutions, target market, investment needed, future plans / scope

 Create a Marketing plan – Growth process, end goal, marketing campaigns, marketing trends, market growth, market segmentation, your budget, target market, funnel conversion, action plan

 Create a company profile – Company overview, core values / mission, team, milestones, business field, future plan, financial facts

 Create Digital marketing proposal – Your agenda, principles, process, analysis, target audience, budget, forecast

 Over time build a social media report – Target results, monthly overview, social media performance, hashtags, strategy, target market, demographic, key takeaways, next steps, what worked and what didn’t work

Step 4: Turn your idea into a reality (hopefully with us!)

Contact our experts at 4Heron to transform your ideas into tangible products;

  • Logo and branding
  • Website / app / CMS / CRM 
  • Style guides / social media templates / creative plans 
  • Prototyping 

If you are going to be looking for investors we can create a fully working prototype of your solution which looks and feels just like the finished product to present to investors (seeing something already brought to life in this way is a huge bonus when pitching).

We can take the stress out of everything from documentation to creative stages to development and launch (and beyond). Contact us to discuss your new venture!

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