Opium are a company which started with club nights and events with artists from dance hall to hip hop performing, then evolved into creating alcoholic drinks such as fruit punch, flavoured gins and vodkas.


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Getting them in the hands of the artists to promote them then lead to a greater demand for the products and the brand really took off in that direction. They had a logo created and selected their bottling etc and then the next logical step was having somewhere to sell it all, this is where 4heron came in.

We created a beautiful e-commerce site which is fully scalable as the business grows and not only offers the shop side of the business but also facilitates the club nights and brunches / events etc that the company still holds with a booking system for purchasing tickets. The purchasing of tickets is via Fatsoma as a third party link which not only keeps the speed up on the website but also reduces the pressure on Opium as a business not having to manage and send out the tickets whilst helping with SEO.

The site and it’s basic MVP (minimum viable product) is clean and easy to use with some stunning professional photography.

Informing the user about the company, showing images from previous events, an easy to use shop and scalable for much, much more. Built in WordPress and using WooCommerce as a plug-in (as we have with other sites) we find WooCommerce to be one of the easiest in terms of training the client in how to manage the shop function themselves (adding products, managing orders, creating a sale or a discount code etc via one of the most user friendly mobile apps on the market for this).

Future phases will be decided upon once enough time and user testing with the first phase site have been carried out and the client foresees which direction the business is going to take next.

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