At CES 2023, the Nuwa Pen was announced as an alternative to spending close to a thousand dollars on an iPad Pro and Pencil. This device only costs $179 for a pre-order and is a regular pen with an added motion sensor and three cameras to capture and store your written notes digitally. Not only that, but all the notes are encrypted for extra security. This is more than other note-taking apps can offer.

The Nuwa Pen is designed to look like a regular pen, with a slightly bulging tip that houses the sensors and cameras. It is able to detect 4096 pressure levels and is equipped with an infrared light sensor to capture your handwriting in low-light conditions. Mark Tunier, the founder and CEO of Nuwa, believes that handwriting is a personal form of thinking and this device was created with that in mind.

Designer: Nuwa Innovation

The Nuwa Pen uses a standard D1 ink cartridge for writing and is easily replaced when needed. It has a battery life of two hours and can be quickly recharged by placing it in the charging stand. The digitizing system only begins to work when the pen touches paper to help conserve battery power.

Think, learn and create on paper with the efficiency of digital tools

Your notes are digitized and shared through Bluetooth to your phone, and the Nuwa app is used to sync and back them up online. It can also be used to share the notes with others by email or productivity tools. The Nuwa app is free, but there is a paid version with extra features such as OCR which can convert handwritten text into an editable format.