The NBA app is now offering a feature where you can superimpose your own image onto a player during a live game, making it look like you are actually playing! It’s definitely a unique and unusual feature!

In a demonstration with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Ahmad Rashad, it was demonstrated how the NBA app works. You can scan the person you wish to drop into a game by walking around them and pointing your camera at them (similar to Epic Games’ RealityScan app). After selecting a player from a menu, the scan of the person will be overlaid onto the chosen player as they move around the court.

I suggest viewing the entire two-and-a-half-minute demonstration to witness Rashad making an impressive slam dunk while digitally controlling Talen Horton-Tucker from the Utah Jazz.

Adam Silver, the NBA’s Commissioner, announced the league’s strategy to integrate modern technology into the fan experience through the use of an app.

When we researched about the release date of this feature, it directed us to a brief press release which did not disclose its launch timeline. It is quite an exciting feature and people would likely have great fun adding friends and family as “players” in NBA games. However, the NBA have limited information about the date of its expected release.

In the press release, there is a noteworthy piece of information that states that new features being added to the app will allow users to virtually transport the game to any desired location. Could this mean I can watch the Blazers play on Mars?