Instagram Notes provide a novel approach to connecting with your audience.

Think of them as virtual post-it notes that you can use to share your thoughts, ask questions, and even reminisce on the days of MSN Messenger!

Notes on Instagram are brief messages that you can share with people who you follow and who follow you back, or with the members of your “Close Friends” list.
They can contain up to 60 characters and are found in your inbox alongside your direct messages.

Notes on Instagram, much like Stories, will vanish after 24 hours. Users can respond to your Notes and you’ll get these messages in your Direct Messages.

Notes are being used to broadcast news and ideas, as well as to express discontent with Notes on Instagram. The app began testing Notes on users in July 2022 and made it available to everyone in the world in December of the same year. It will be showing up for more users over the coming weeks.

Share Your Thoughts

Why Instagram Notes.

Notes on Instagram offer an unobtrusive method of communication. They do not come with notifications and are stored in the inbox.
They are more subtle than Stories, and less direct than sending a DM. Companies and businesses can use Notes to disseminate news, updates, or other essential info.

This is an effective way to get people to view your updates, since Notes will appear at the top of the inbox and will not get swept away by the Stories. Furthermore, Notes do not require the same level of effort as a Feed post or a Story.

How does using Notes impact the algorithm?

No one can be sure exactly how the Instagram algorithm works, except for Instagram itself. We have tried our best to research and understand this ever-changing, mysterious algorithm.

It is important to stay up to date with any new information, so be sure to keep checking with us. Ultimately, it is the app users and their content that the algorithm takes into account, and it is trying to show the right content to the right people. When successful, this encourages users to stay on the app longer, which is what Instagram wants.