Money makes the world go round

E-commerce; the practice of buying and selling goods and services or the transfer of data via an electrical medium such as the internet isn’t a new concept but it is most certainly the fastest evolving in todays digital marketplace.

What's it all about?

With over 10 years of experience in e-commerce solutions we can expertly advise you in the planning / scoping stages on how to get the best out of your platform with;

• Exceptional UX – user experience (happy customers spend more!)

• A clean and functional UI – user interface (make the buying / selling experience easy to create high rates of customer retention)

• Payment platforms

• Plug-ins

• Niche ways to increase marketing and upsell of products / services

• A state of the art CMS / back office system for your operations (bespoke vs templated, see here for more information on this)

and many, many more!

How it works with us

During your initial scoping consultation we will look at what your needs are in line with your budget and timescale expectations. We’ll then be able to advise you on your options and how to get the best out of your resources.

We offer tailor made solutions across;

• Web

• App (iOS and Android)

• CRM (customer  relationship management systems)

• CMS (effective admin systems to help you manage everything from stock levels to invoicing to business reporting and dashboards)

Whatever combination works for you, we are here to help.
Get in touch now.