Software company Adobe has launched a brand new app called “Photoshop Camera”, which is available for iPhone and Android users. Adobe’s intelligent camera app offers a diverse selection of unique filters and lenses to choose from including; Pop Art, Dreamscape, Sparkle and more. Photoshop Camera holds over 80 custom filters and includes real-time Photoshop effects. (Auto Tuning, Portrait Controls), which can be applied either before or after capturing that perfect shot!

When you open the app, you will be presented with six different filters which include a bunch of variations. One of my favourites is the Spectrum filter which offers different effects. This enables you to burst your image across various colour spectrums or transforming your picture into glitched out stripes.

Download additional filters

By tapping the plus icon on the filter section, you can access the filter library where you will find several creative filters from simple colour correction to placing gigantic lollipops into your landscapes! Adobe’s app offers a range of templates that are designed by artists, Photoshop specialists and celebrities like Billie Eilish. The app also inspires users to channel their inner creativity by enabling them to create filters of their own, which they can, later on, share with other users.

Photo editing

Photoshop Camera also enables users to make quick edits on their photos so that they don’t go to waste. This feature is ideal for anyone who struggles taking good quality photos, particularly at events such as family functions, club nights and shows. Users can revise lower quality images by using the app’s portrait relighting, and distortion removal tool to bring them back to life.

Although Photoshop Camera is an app primarily used for creating and enhancing photos, unfortunately, it isn’t associated with Adobe’s Photoshop since they’re both distinct programs. Nonetheless, Photoshop Camera still offers users the ability to perform basic photo editing like; contrast, exposure, saturation etc. However, its primary use is for snapping pictures and applying filters on them. But, if you did want to make some alterations, then you can use the magic wand button which will automatically apply the changes for you without having to worry about adjusting the settings.


Photography and video sharing apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest could potentially present a threat to Adobe’s Photoshop Camera, since a lot of these apps already accommodate users with numerous filters that they can apply directly to their images before uploading. However, Abhay Parasnis, Chief Technology Officer & Executive Vice President of Adobe, stated: “We don’t see ourselves in competition with social apps or OS camera apps”. Parasnis also hinted that Adobe would be making alliances with other companies in the future to have their filters featured inside other apps and smartphone devices. For now, users can upload their customised photos from Photoshop Camera direct to their Facebook and Instagram account via the share option.

Has anyone else checked out Adobe’s Photo Camera app, and if so, what are your thoughts?