Google reignites the smart speaker battle by revealing the first look of its latest Nest smart speaker, which is due to release this year. However, Google is yet to confirm the name of its new device and its key features. Even so, we have obtained limited information from regulatory documents in addition to key findings that we discovered in the official photo and a short teaser video.

In the official image, we observed that Google’s latest Nest speaker draws inspiration from its predecessors the Nest Mini and Home Max since it embraces the acoustic cloth aesthetics throughout and resembles a compressed version of Google’s comprehensive home speaker (Home Max). According to a regulatory filing, the measurements are around 215 x 150mm. We’re not sure about the depth, but we estimate it will be around 60mm. There’s a mute switch and power jack located at the back of the speaker, and a rubber base at the bottom which gives us reason to believe that the device will operate vertically standing.

In the teaser, we identified that users could play music on multiple Google speakers simultaneously. If you take a closer look at the front of the speaker, you will notice that the continual LED light infrastructure has been implemented from previous home speakers such as Google’s; Home Mini, Nest Mini, Nest Home and the Home Max series. The multi-coloured LED light system illuminates when processing information such as; set-up, notifications, Google Assistant, volume and more. The teaser also reveals that the Nest speaker will be available in two separate colours; Sky and Coral. Both colours are a part of the Nest Mini colour selection, so there’s a good chance that the rest of the colours will be available upon release, but if not, then perhaps in the future. What immediately grabbed our attention was when the little girl brought the speaker into the room, as we speculate that it could potentially be wireless? We don’t know for sure, but if our theory is correct, this could mean that users can operate the speaker outside in their gardens, but it would require an internal battery for it to work.

We will keep you posted on further updates relating to Google’s latest Nest smart speaker. In other news, Google announced that they would reveal the release date of its flagship Pixel 5 smartphone in October 2020.