Ok so we confess, we’re die hard iPhone users here but that doesn’t mean we don’t love working across all platforms and seeing what the latest advancements are across the board! With that in mind here’s a snapshot about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The third time might just be a charm with Samsung’s latest offering, we had one of our team test out the phone and give us the highs and the lows and the results were largely positive.

This foldable phone definitely feels tougher and more robust than its previous iterations and combined with its waterproof abilities definitely gives us added reassurance. The S Pen pairing given the screen size is a winning combo; with much more room to write and draw than the Note smartphone models. The only downside being that the S Pen is sold separately and doesn’t attach to the phone so must be carried separately will no doubt be the fly in the ointment for users.

The loss in camera quality is evident with this phone, very much style over substance; the design and styling were clearly more of a focus than camera / picture quality.

Available in four colours as standard and with an additional three limited edition Samsung direct colours this certainly looks the part and with prices starting from £949 or £26.37 per month and even better deals to be had with trade in’s it could very well be the next phone for you. We think this is currently the best foldable phone on the market.