Nusole; a leading bespoke sneaker cleaning service has grown into so much more; Nusole Presents, Nusole Food, Nusole Education.






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Their website was created by another agency and then launched without any handover or information, the client felt at a loss, unable to get in touch with said agency the client approached 4heron to step in and help.

The client did not know where the site was hosted and was receiving multiple large bills from other domains which were not even being used and had no log in details as these were held by the previous agency. This didn’t phase us as so many times before we’ve had people come to us as their second agency after having been let down by someone else.

We resolved all of the fundamental / foundation issues for the client and then moved on to starting the project. To ensure zero / minimal business interruption whilst the site was down and in maintenance mode we created a landing page which mirrored what the client already had on their website and allowed users to look at the different services and price plans and book.

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The project comprised of website, social and print media.

The website was originally a one page site with basic company info / about us and a booking / contact form. We kept the branding and elements of the original site with all new styling for the client and the additional pages and functionality.
Within the menu we added Nusole Presents, the Nusole shop, blog page and a contact page.

The Nusole Presents page contains more information about the other services the company offers including; Sole Talk (live podcast / video) and the Nusole Cup, a football tournament with sponsors such as Red Bull, JD Sports, Manchester City Council, Manchester United Football Club etc. The team at Nusole even put their own team together and 4heron designed their kit (which can now be purchased in various colours on the Nusole shop on the site.

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As with so many of our other sites and e-commerce shops, we used WooCommerce for the shop function. This offers the client an easy to use app where they are able to manage product catalogue, pricing, orders, campaigns and more very simply (which this client needed after having been left so disappointed by the previous agency).

In addition to the site we created banners and flyers for events and also a check sheet for customers to fill out detailing any particular areas they wanted to focus on with the sneaker cleaning / which services, how did you hear about us etc, which could then be clipped to the shoe when it goes in for cleaning and kept for data analysis.

We’ve created a bond and a long standing friendship with Nusole and we look forward to working with them as their business goes from strength to strength.

We created social content for the clients Instagram and YouTube channel including icons to represent the different areas of the business such as food, music, art and football. We designed landing / holding pages for their YouTube videos / interviews alongside quotes from the interviewee which would then link through to the video.