Keystone Contracts UK Ltd, a local business to 4Heron, came to us in need of a new logo, branding and website.


Content Strategy



As an established company specialising in building, construction and disability adaptations, they needed a fresh new brand to stand out from their competitors. We worked with the client to get to know their tastes, preferences and how they wanted to be perceived by their target audience before commencing any designs.

A fresh, clean logo design complete with an icon which could be used separately / stand-alone to the logo text was the first step.

We then created a WordPress website which was a combination of our advice on UI and UX design best practice and the clients contents wish list. We scoped out the contents for each page, and as part of the full copywriting service the client had added to their package with us, we carried out a discovery call to delve into the clients background, client base, range of services and more.

Drafts of the copy were sent to the client for sign off and were then added to the stunning designs Heron had been just crafting.

The client chose to use a mix of their own project / site photographs and some premium stock images to ensure the best possible quality and resolution site wide.

Whilst the site didn’t have anything out of the ordinary functionality wise it has been styled to clearly show their target audience the three main points; who they are, what they do (case studies and testimonials), and finally how to get in touch!

During the project process we also set up all of the social media accounts for Keystone including; LinkedIn Business, Instagram, and Facebook. We always go the extra mile for our clients and as such we branded each page, compiled the bio sections and set up Meta Business Suite for their ease in posting content.

We look forward to working with Keystone again.

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