Enhance your safety. Have fun whilst knowing you're protected through the award-winning personal safety app, Flare.


Flare (Formally Busby)


2019 – 2022




CSS Design Awards
The Webby Awards

A free app that monitors the phone sensors while you ride and will automatically detect if you’ve had a crash or fall, then sends your location to your loved ones if your are unresponsive.

To date Busby has saved 3 lives since November 2019.

Busby has exciting partnership deals where the user can get
some great discounts from the exclusive partner hub.

Using the brand guidelines a visually vibrant design was put in place for the rider to use while riding.

Quick and clear access to what’s needed while on the move and other options if the rider was ever to be in an accident.

Busby’s original concept was designed with the core functionality in mind to make sure that the app worked with the device sensors. The challenge was to the UI/UX work for the user in each scenario.

Pantone® 532 C
C71 M65 Y64 K72

Pantone® 1795 C
C19 M90 Y79 K9

Pantone® 128 C
C3 M14 Y76 K0

Pantone® 663 C
C02 M01 Y01 K00


Google Avenir Black

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