A returning client this time wanting a full redesign of their website which utilised and complemented their existing brand and colour palette.


Motoring Assistance


2020 – 2021


Content Strategy



4Heron set about sector specific market research to assess design trends and features. Using this knowledge but with a fresh spin, the design process commenced.

Working closely with the client using a mix of interactive prototypes featuring the ability to leave comments and suggestions alongside live Zoom calls whereby changes or additions could be made in real-time left the client with a strong sense of control over where things were up to at every stage.

Content wise the design needed to showcase the following;

• ‘About Us’ company information
• Pricing model information
• Sign up to services / get a quote CTA features
• Key stats regarding the company and industry
• Reviews – what their clients say about them
• ‘My Account’ log in feature
• Become a Partner section
• Alongside all the standard company and contact information

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Pantone® 128 C
C3 M14 Y76 K0

Pantone® 663 C
C02 M01 Y01 K00

Marketing designs


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Once the designs were signed off 4Heron handed over to the clients own in-house development team (we don’t always have to handle every element of a project if you have a preferred or in-house development team), and were readily available throughout the process for support and sign off queries etc.

The website is a scalable solution allowing for future phases, additions and updates as and when the client chooses.

all copy provided by client